Meet Danielle Yole – PSP Fitness & Sports Instructor


2Lt Justin Leong
Base Administration

When the Naden Athletic Centre shut down in March due to COVID-19, Base Administration called upon Personnel Support Programs (PSP) to host virtual training sessions to meet the need of physical training (PT) for branch military members.

Among the staff who showed up virtually every Wednesday with a creative and fun fitness regime was Danielle Yole. She is new to PSP, only a year into her role as Fitness and Sports Instructor.

“If you haven’t met me, I love to teach. Going from teaching all day to quarantine hit me hard, so I was thrilled to take on the Wednesday Base Administration PT.”

Because her training sessions were online, they reached anyone wanting to stay on the fitness track.

“We at PSP are adaptable and can assist with whatever comes our way, such as making all of our classes virtual and creating pre-recorded workshops, workouts, and challenges.”

But like all new things, she had to learn how to film, edit, and upload from her home office.

In normal times, fitness instructors deliver to the military community FORCE training and testing, and fitness programs to Naval Fleet School (Pacific) students. Beyond the military community, they assist in running the monthly Cock of the Walk sports program, and deliver a variety of morning and noon classes at the Naden and Dockyard gyms.

“Between fitness testing, unit physical training, fleet physical training, noon hour classes, and other fitness services, our 12 fitness and sport instructors serve almost 12,000 military members each year. Special events such as the monthly Formation Run see 300 to 600 participants each month,” said Yole. “We keep the military operationally fit. Community integration helps with physical and mental wellness. Through its programs and services, PSP strives to build a strong and healthy military community.”

Being a fitness instructor takes more than having a healthy body; Yole says you need a healthy perspective as well.

“You need a love for fitness and people. Being friendly and outgoing is a must; organizational skills and being creative are assets; and the ability to teach, adapt and create programs for everyone is a requirement.”

To get the job on the PSP Fitness team, applicants must be able to pass a knowledge test, achieve bronze in the FORCE test, do an interview, and teach a class.

Now that the gym is partially open to military members and civilian DND employees on a reservation model, Yole is splitting her work time at home and in gym, where she once again interacts with those she supports. 

“Every time someone says they loved my class, I smile so hard my face hurts. Being surrounded by people working hard all for the same goal to get strong is the most powerful feeling.”


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