Motocross lessons coming to Formation Fun Day

family enjoying motocross

Motocross is fun for the whole family.

Amidst the bouncy castles, marketplace and food vendors at Formation Fun Day, a unique, interactive display will take young and old on a ride.
On Saturday, July 6, kids and grown-ups can try motocross.

Westshore Motocross will create a safe and easy track on the parade square and hold lessons on how ride 50cc bikes for four to six year olds, and larger rides for adults.

“The rush you get from riding a dirt bike is unlike anything else I’ve found,” says Jeff Everden, co-owner of Westshore Motocross. “We wanted to give anyone interested an opportunity to suit up and get on a bike in the safest and most fun way possible.”

The activity comes with safety gear, experienced instructors and lots of fun.

“Motocross isn’t just for adults, it’s something that people of almost any age can try,” says Everden. “I myself got into it when I was five years old, and I loved every minute of it.”

From his Langford-based riding facility, Everden and Westshore Motocross have been providing a place to ride and a way to learn with its Learn to Ride program since 2009.

“After I retired from professional motocross I wanted to pass something on to future riders,” says Everden. “I thought Victoria could use a facility where people who didn’t have their own gear could rent it and learn to ride at the same time. The barrier for entry is much lower, since you don’t have to own a bike and all the gear.”

For families at Formation Fun Day, Westshore Motocross will also give away prizes including Learn to Ride passes and a Motocross Birthday Party, which includes gear and bike rentals, as well as riding lessons for up to five kids.

“The only thing better than learning to ride is learning to ride with your friends,” says Everden. “We hope that with our lessons and parties we can give DND personnel and their families a way to try something new, and maybe find a new passion.”

-Shawn O’Hara, Staff Writer

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