New CFOne Card available for veterans


Understanding the need to fully and properly recognize serving and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their families, the CAF will transition from the record of service card (NDI75) to the CFOne Card as the recognition card of choice.

As part of this transition, the CAF will cease processing of the NDI 75 effective Feb. 1.

The CFOne Card will be available to all serving and former members of the CAF and their families. Veterans of the CAF will receive a specially designed card that rightfully distinguishes them as a veteran of the CAF. Details for how to obtain a CFOne Card are available through CFMWS and at the website located at

While the NDI 75 card will no longer be in production, the certificate of service documentation (DND 2279 or CF 707 and CF 54) will continue to be provided to all retiring and transitioning members of the CAF as they finalize their administrative requirements prior to departing the CAF.

Respective URS will continue to provide the DND 2279 and CF 707 documents for members with less than 10 years of service and DMCA will continue to provide CF 54 for members with more than 10 years of service.


For more details please refer to Commander MPC web page of the military human resources records procedures publication (MHRRP)

Requests for information regarding the new CFOne Card will be redirected to CFMWS who will provide more details within the coming weeks.

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  1. David John Waters says:

    How do I apply for a CFOne card?

  2. Frank Legge says:

    I’m looking for a cf1card

  3. Thomas George Rose says:

    I successfully applied for a cf1 card. My request # SP7900. Just want to know how long it will take to get card. Thanks in advance. TOM ROSE

  4. J Earl Hubley says:

    I not the card Wherd does one register and apply?

  5. I need a Card CF-ONE .I`M a retaired Military person , and I would like to have this card …! Please , contact me : ( M. André Leblanc , 291 4e rue apt.8 , québec ( Québec ) Canada .G1L-2S4. My phone number : 418-524-6935 . De la ville de Québec, Vendredi 14/07/2017 11h23 am . Merci.

  6. Glenn zwicker says:

    Having problems applying for cfone card any assistance would be appreciated

  7. j.c.s,lister (capt. retd) says:

    having trouble getting CFOne card./ Please help. Thanks.

  8. Harvey Robert Hall says:

    How does one apply foe the CFOne card

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