New Royal Canadian Navy pin marks steps toward command

Vice-Admiral Craig Baines, outgoing Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, presents Commander Éric Isabelle with the gold level of the new naval warfare officers’ pin. Photo: Ed Dixon, MARPAC Imaging Services

SLt Wilson Ho 
MARPAC Public Affairs

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) naval warfare officers are now eligible for a new pin that marks their progress toward command of a warship.

The new pins were officially unveiled on May 16 at Maritime Forces Pacific.

This initiative builds upon similar RCN specialty skill badges that recognize unique qualifications. As an occupation, RCN naval warfare officers train to one day command a warship or submarine.

“This new naval warfare officer badge recognizes the significant effort required to reach key career milestones within this occupation,” says Commander Amber Comisso, Director Personnel Policy 2 at RCN. “Naval Warfare Officers are encouraged to apply for their pins and to wear them with pride, as they are visual indicators of their progression towards command.”

The badge recognizes sea-going service and progression towards command based upon successful completion of specific qualifications and positions held within Her Majesty’s Canadian ships and submarines.

During the unveiling ceremony on the West Coast, 30 recipients received the bronze level, 14 recipients received the silver level, and six recipients received the gold level pins. Maritime Forces Atlantic in Halifax and the naval staff in Ottawa also presented badges to their first recipients the same day.

In order to qualify for the badge, a candidate must be a currently serving RCN member who is either a current or former naval warfare officer. Personnel can apply for the badges through their divisional system.


Three tiers of the badge

Bronze: Given when a candidate receives a bridge watch keeping certificate on board a commissioned warship

Silver: Given to Regular Force members who are operations room officer qualified (with command development course completion), to submariners who have received their equivalent operations room officer qualification, or to Primary Reservists who are Orca-class officer-in-charge qualified

Gold: Given for command of a commissioned warship.

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