Ottawa sailor S1 Pike rates award as highlight of his career

S1 Pike

Canadian Fleet Pacific Sailor of the Quarter, HMCS Ottawa Weapons Engineering Technician S1 Syl Pike.
Photo credit MARPAC Imaging

Peter Mallett
Staff Writer

Getting called into the Coxswain’s office can be a heart-stopping moment for a non-commissioned sailor. But for S1 Syl Pike, his meeting with CPO1 Steve Sheffar on board HMCS Ottawa turned his thumping heart into one of excitement.

“The Chief called me into his office in a manner that didn’t seem positive; he kept me waiting outside for a few minutes and was a little gruff in handing me the phone,” recalls S1 Pike. “After initially thinking something was terribly wrong, I was stunned to find out I was being presented with an award by the Fleet Commander and Chief.”

The 46-year-old Weapons Engineering Technician was informed he was the Canadian Fleet Pacific Sailor of the Quarter. In the coming weeks, he will be officially presented a certificate and commander’s coin. He has already received one prize for his win, a parking spot in front of MARPAC headquarters.

“From what I have heard, it was my hard work in the department, innovation, positive attitude, and team vision that played a role in why I was chosen.”

He brought an event called Meditation Monday’s into practice on board the ship. It offers the crew weekly meditation practices to assist with mental health.

He’s also a singer and songwriter and is forming a Ship’s Band Committee to ensure musical instruments are available for the crew while on deployment.

“This keeps morale much higher during long trips where the crew has a creative outlet different from the usual sports and games,” he says. “Both music and meditation have been important factors in my life’s balance.”

Canadian Fleet Pacific recognizes junior sailors who perform their duties above and beyond the high standard demanded of them on a quarterly basis. The award celebrates their military service in a positive and meaningful way, and considers their professionalism, dress and deportment, job performance, volunteer and community service, and other achievements.

S1 Pike

S1 Syl Pike aboard HMCS Ottawa.
Photo credit S1 Syl Pike



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