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For those interested in space operations, a unique course is being brought to CFB Esquimalt in May.

17 Wing’s RCAF W/C William G. Barker VC Aerospace College will deliver their five-day Space Operations Course May 4 to 9 at the Learning and Career Centre. It is a follow-on to the Basic Space Operations Course, and is intended for those who want positions with Director General Space, the Canadian Space Operations Centre, outside Canada Space Operations, or those who use space assets operationally.

The course is open to all trades and ranks of aviators, ordinary seaman, through to majors and lieutenant commanders. 

The course teaches students a variety of space related topics such as space environment, electromagnetic spectrum, orbital mechanics, space intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance or remote sensing, missile warning, missile tracking systems, space communications, and space-based global navigation systems such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Beidou.

The instructor-guided syndicate portion of the course teaches presentation techniques to colleagues and commanders on aspects of space operations, and how available space assets are employed in joint or combined operations. 

The course will similarly uncover some of the challenges of space operations and cyber domain concerns, which could affect our space reliance. 

Finally, the course concludes with group research and presentation on a specific space operations topic. The course involves some reading homework and briefing note type preparation assignments. 

The pre-requisite Basic Space Operations Course can be found on the Defence Learning Network. The course must be completed 14 days prior to attending the Space Operations Course.

The distance learning curriculum, a series of 19 modules, takes about 60 hours to complete – students have 90 days to complete the course once registered. The courses introduces the fundamentals of space power and its application in modern operations by gaining an appreciation of how the space environment functions.

Priority will be given to those members that are currently employed in a position that work closely with space assets such as Satellite Communications (SATCOM), space-based global navigation systems, and space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. 

To register contact RCAF Barker College directly at DaceCourses@forces.gc.ca and or go to http://17wing.winnipeg.mil.ca/cms/en/aftc/winginfo/CFSAS-home/CFSAS.aspx

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  1. Good morning,
    I took the basic electronic warfare course in 2020 and unfortunately did not print out a certificate and then DLN changed to DLN 3.0 so I can no longer print it out from there.
    Could you please send me a copy of my certificate.
    Thank You
    Crystal Cleveland

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