Recognizing the bravest of the brave

Service Medal of Valour, Sergeant Jeremy Pinchin, SMV,

As a recipient of the  Star of Military Valour, Sergeant Jeremy Pinchin, SMV, listens to The Decorated inaugural speech given by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Walter Natynczyk.

A new initiative called The Decorated Programme was unveiled June 14 in Ottawa. It aims to increase awareness of the outstanding achievements of decorated CF members.

The Decorated recognizes the bravest of the brave: those who display the ultimate example of devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy, or who willingly and knowingly place themselves in harm’s way to save or protect others.

This initiative is being promoted a number of ways.

An exhibit featuring portraits and citations of highly decorated CF members is presently situated in the National Capital Region until the end of June, and will travel throughout the country to various bases in the fall and early next year.

The Decorated website has been launched and features military valour and bravery decoration recipients dating back to 2001, and other related news.

Also, news stories on decorated CF members will be featured in upcoming issues of The Maple Leaf.

“Canadian Forces members have always, and will continue to exemplify a set of military values that are dear to us all: duty, loyalty, integrity and courage,” says Chief of the Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk while unveiling The Decorated programme in Ottawa. “The Canadian Forces members celebrated within The Decorated represent the very best qualities of all those who serve, whether it be in battle or while helping those in need.”

To learn more about the decorated CF members featured within The Decorated program, please visit the Defence Team website at

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  1. Brad Williamson says:

    Incorrect. Check out this link:

    “Won” is in fact the official term used.

  2. Kathy Thom says:

    Just a comment to Mr Williamson. Honours are not “won”, they are awarded. By saying that Sgt Pinchin “won” the Star of Miltary Valour demeans the very honour itself.

  3. Lookout says:

    When our readers come forth and point out an error it is very much appreciated. The incorrect name of the award was indeed an error that by rights should not have been published. Here at the Lookout we do our best to provide reporting that is factual and informative. We regret any irreverence to Sgt Pinchin or the award itself.

    Thank you for the correction and it has been changed accordingly.

  4. Brad Williamson says:

    Look. I don’t mean to be a jerk here. I know that the reporters working for your organization are civilians, and that the military world is likely confusing and foreign to them.

    That said, the only thing you have to report on is military affairs, within the narrow context of the CF in general and CFB Esquimalt in particular. It’s not a particularly broad subject. So it would behoove you, I think, to fact check and to ensure that you don’t put your feet in your mouths by getting things muddled up. Again, it’s not like you have the whole world to report on- just a narrow band of possible topics. It isn’t asking much to expect that you’ll get your facts straight.

    I was on the same tour that Sgt Pinchin was on, and I’m familiar with the incident in which he won his STAR OF MILITARY VALOUR. Note the proper name of the award, please. There is no such thing as the “service medal of valour”. He’s a hero, and the least you can do is get the name of the honour he wears correct. Again, it may not mean much to a civilian, but it means a lot to those of us you purport to be reporting for. Give your head a shake.

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