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Shoot Like a Girl podcast

Kateryna Bandura, Lookout Editor — Master Sailor (MS) Kate Gouthro loves listening to podcasts, but remembers saying she could never start a podcast because she is an introvert.

Now, as a host of a women-centric podcast, she loves what she does.

“I hope younger women who are struggling to find a career path might listen to these episodes and consider the Canadian Armed Forces or their country’s military as a career choice,” she says. “Maybe they will also get some training or mindset tips for certain difficult military courses.”

Shoot Like A Girl is a podcast featuring interviews with military women from around the world who push their limits on and off duty. MS Gouthro says she wanted the name to feel strong and catchy. It derives from an anecdote about a little girl playing a sport.

“The girl was playing baseball, or maybe basketball, and someone said ‘you hit like a girl’, and she said ‘if you practice hard enough, you can too’,” MS Gouthro says. “I wanted to remove the negativity of ‘like a girl’ because the women on my podcast do some very amazing things that many men can’t do.”

The women MS Gouthro interviews work in military trades all over the world. She has interviewed Canadian women, American women, and even a woman from the Irish Naval Service. She hopes to speak with women who push themselves outside of work in other endeavours too, such as athletics or adventuring, and dive into the mindset and physical training required.

“I think some women don’t get the credit they deserve sometimes, so I hope to bring awareness to their achievements,” she says.

MS Gouthro was born and raised in Halifax, N.S. She joined the Navy in 2008 as a Port Inspection Diver and has worked at the Naval Tactical Operations Group in Victoria since 2018.

She listened to many podcasts hosted by former military members but says their guests and audiences were mostly male. So, she decided to pitch in.

“Initially, I really had to get out of my comfort zone talking to strangers. I would get so nervous before recording an episode. It’s getting much better now,” MS Gouthro says, adding that almost 35 per cent of her listeners are men.

This year, MS Gouthro hopes to reach 50 episodes.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most other listening platforms. Follow her on Instagram: @shootlikeagirlpodcast.

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