Take your running to the next level

Navy Run clinic trains in dockyard

Fitness and Sports Instructor Matt Carlson (green shirt) leads the Run to Succeed group through Dockyard.

Are you ready to take your personal running goals to the next level?

Whether you would like to run stronger and faster, or focus on injury prevention and running form, two new lunchtime running clinics have been set up to help members of all levels achieve their targets and run their best in the upcoming June 23 Navy Run.

Every Monday and Wednesday on base, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., PO1 Chris Fraser leads the Learn to Run clinic, while Fitness and Sports Instructor Matt Carlson leads Run to Succeed.

“This is a way for people to prepare to meet their goals and try to improve on what they have already accomplished,” says PO1 Fraser.

Both groups meet outside the Dockyard Gym for a warm up and hour long run clinic.

“For participants just beginning to run it’s important to run in a safe and progressive manner, and also be in a relaxed educational environment,” said PO1 Fraser. “Some people find running five or 10 kilometres is challenging, and this clinic will help them prepare so they can have a positive experience. Learn to Run is focused on participation and completion rather than speed. It’s about learning in a safe proactive manner and finishing the distance.”

Run to Succeed is for those who wish to run their best Navy Run ever.

“This is a group designed for the runner who is looking to run their fastest and we are focusing more on speed,” said Carlson.

Topics include intervals, learning how to pace properly, running up hill and nutrition.

“We set this running clinic up as a way to promote the Navy Run and a way to get people ready for the run. Injury reduction is also a big part of it. An adequate warm up and cool down is a core component included in this class. Because of the impact that running gives you it’s important to stretch properly and gear up for the next run,” he said. “Anyone is welcome to start the clinic and the sooner the better. We still have six more weeks to prepare before the run.”

Members of the Defence Team are encouraged to join either free clinic or drop in by 11:30 at Dockyard Gym.

-Shelley Lipke, Staff Writer

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