TGEX 21-02 starts with a bang

Photo by Capt Jenn Jackson, PAO

Photo by Capt Jenn Jackson, PAO

Capt Jenn Jackson
TGEX 21-02 PAO

Her Majesty’s Canadian  Ships Winnipeg and Regina started Task Group Exercise 21-02 (TGEX 21-02) on May 29 with a successful anti-air warfare exercise in the West Coast Firing Range.

Winnipeg fired two evolved sea sparrow missiles as part of the ship’s preparations for their upcoming deployment on Operations Projection and Neon. They fired at unmanned aerial targets known as Vindicators launched from Regina.

“I am extremely proud of my team and what they accomplished,” says Cdr Doug Layton, Commanding Officer of Winnipeg. “In addition to firing our missiles, we also successfully fired our 57mm gun, Close-in Weapons System, and Naval Remote Weapons System to destroy all four Vindicator targets. The teamwork displayed across all departments was unsurpassed throughout.”

TGEX 21-02 is a naval exercise taking place until June 11 off the coast of western Vancouver Island, and in the vicinity of Constance Bank, and the Strait of Georgia. It includes participation from the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force.

“This exercise provides a valuable opportunity for Pacific Fleet ships to maintain operational readiness while simultaneously supporting at-sea experience for newly trained Operations Room Officers,” says Capt(N) Scott Robinson, Commander of TGEX 21-02.

Operations Room Officers (OROs) are senior Lieutenant(N) Naval Warfare Officers who are charged by the ship’s Commanding Officer with conducting and coordinating the ship’s overall program and warfare capabilities. Selection to become an ORO is merit-based and a key step for Naval Warfare Officers to progress to higher ranks and eventual command.

“Having an opportunity to gain experience at sea has been extremely valuable,” says Lt(N) Ben Scott, recent ORO course graduate. “It is helping me build confidence in my skills and the mentorship I’ve received makes the transition from the simulations we do on the course to what happens at sea much smoother. This TGEX is setting me up for success in my next ship.”

TGEX 21-02 participants are provided with an array of events to enhance individual unit training and combat readiness including live fire of HMC Ship weapons systems, seamanship, maritime interdiction operations, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, air defence, and small boat defence.

“Maritime defence and security is the navy’s first priority at home, helping ensure that Canada’s maritime approaches are effectively monitored and protected,” adds Capt(N) Robinson. “TGEX 21-02 ensures that RCN sailors are able to adapt and react with agility through supporting comprehensive naval training while simultaneously exercising the RCN’s domestic role. That’s what we as a navy do.”

TGEX 21-02 involves more than 400 personnel, including aircraft from both 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron and 407 Long Range Patrol Squadron.


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