Winnipeg hosts families on day sail

Executive Officer, LCdr Landon Creasy joins in the fun with a family member of Lt(N) Gleb Makarenko.

Executive Officer, LCdr Landon Creasy joins in the fun with a family member of Lt(N) Gleb Makarenko.

Lt Christopher House, HMCS Winnipeg ~

In spite of heavy fog restricting visibility along the coastline, friends and family of HMCS Winnipeg crew were given the opportunity to come aboard July 8 and experience first-hand what their loved ones do day-to-day while at sea.

This event, coming at the tail end of a short, four-day sail, allowed over 200 guests to see life aboard an HMC Ship.

There were several activities, including tours of the ship, displays from the Boarding Party and Ship’s Team Divers, high speed manoeuvres, a man overboard exercise, and lunch with the crew in one of the ship’s three messes.

The fog in the harbour may have reduced visibility for the ship’s watchkeepers, but it wasn’t hard to see the excitement and pride present on the face of every person welcomed aboard that day.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we do if it weren’t for the support provided by the crew’s family and friends,” said Commander Jeff Hutchinson, Winnipeg’s Commanding Officer. “I’ve found it challenging to describe what we do when we go to sea; so to have this short opportunity to show parts of what it’s like, it’s incredibly important. With a better understanding, the bond between the sailor and their family is strengthened.

Strong families make strong sailors and strong sailors are the backbone of the RCN.”

HMC Ships take great pride in showing Canadians what life at sea is like. Earlier this year in May, guests from their namesake city were invited aboard HMCS Calgary for a day of sailing as part of their “Operation C-Cowboy.”  Later, Winnipeg welcomed thousands aboard for tours as part of West Shore Navy Day in Colwood on June 11.

As the summer moves on and Winnipeg continues preparations for work-ups in the fall and eventual deployment in the New Year, it is important to take opportunities such as these to open the eyes of the public to what goes on aboard the ships of the RCN.

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