Slippery season safety 

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As the winter season is now in full swing and inclement weather looms, our hard-working section at Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) has been diligently preparing, ordering materials, and making robust plans to ensure the safety of military personnel and civilians alike as they make their commute to and around CFB Esquimalt.

During the snow and ice season, SPV ensures our parking lots, PMQ streets and compounds are plowed, sprayed with salt, and cleared for use. Yet, a few reminders, phone numbers, and protocols are important to be aware of for everyone’s safety.

First, there is a priority list for plowing areas and roads at CFB Esquimalt. Please familiarize yourselves with the Base Standing Orders 7910-0 Snow and Ice Control (SNIC), which will have maps and a timeline for each priority. The Base Operations and the Base Logistics-Operations established the timeline to open areas during a snow event.

Whether at the unit or individual level, there are important phone numbers to keep on hand this winter. If a unit requires salt to be sprayed in their compound during working hours, contact SPV dispatch at 250-363-2389.

For after-hours, contact the Fire Hall Dispatch (non-emergency) at 250-363-1991.

If you call the Base Closure Line at 250-363-5000, they will inform you if the base is closed due to inclement weather. If it is closed, and you aren’t required to come to work, stay home.

SPV and SNIC operations would like to provide a few important reminders:

  • It’s the responsibility of each unit to clean and salt the doorways, stairs, and garage doors of their building up to three meters.
  • If you require salt for your building or your building bucket, you can contact RP Ops.
  • Please keep your distance when travelling behind SNIC vehicles.

If you’re a resident of a PMQ, do not park on the street during a snow event. Our vehicles are large, and if you park on the street, we cannot pass.

During this slippery season, SPV aims to reduce preventable hazards, collisions, and dangerous conditions. We must work together to have our military and family remain safe and secure.

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