HMCS Regina’s WENGTECH named Sailor of the Quarter

Sailor First Class (S1) Nahom Beyene

Sailor First Class Nahom Beyene

Peter Mallett, Staff Writer — When Sailor First Class (S1) Nahom Beyene took on several additional tasks and responsibilities outside of those assigned to him in HMCS Regina, he did not expect to receive the Maritime Forces Pacific Sailor of the Quarter award.

“I am completely surprised and humbled to receive this award,” said S1 Beyene. “I’m most grateful and appreciative to my department because I couldn’t have achieved this award without their consistent support.”

S1 Beyene is a Weapons Engineering Technician (WENGTECH) in HMCS Regina. He was bestowed with the award on Apr. 27 at Regina’s Shore Office by Captain (Navy) Mark O’Donohue, Canadian Fleet Pacific Deputy Commander, and Chief Petty Officer First Class (CPO1) Matthew Goodwin, Canadian Fleet Pacific Coxswain.

S1 Beyene is a Fire Control Technician and was acting section head when preparing his ship’s section for reactivation, typically the responsibility of a Petty Officer Second Class, according to his supervisor.

An internal Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) memo stated S1 Beyene received recognition for his due diligence and leadership skills because he “exemplified the qualities of a leader [while also] displaying values that subordinates look up to”.

Chief Petty Officer Second Class (CPO2) Trevor Moore, WENGTECH Chief Petty Officer, says S1 Beyene rightfully captured the award.

“S1 Beyene sets the example with his dress and deportment, always maintains his boots blackened and promotes fitness within the department,” he said, adding that S1 Beyene used his time on the job for professional development and completed the Unit Harassment Advisor Course and Assisting Military Member Grievance course, as well as submitted pre-instructional package for the Naval Boarding Party Course.

His worthiness of recognition also goes further, explains CPO2 Moore.

“He helped strengthen ties within our community, leading to an improved relationship with the RCN and Greater Victoria,” CPO2 Moore said.

With guidance and assistance from Master Sailor Russell Blackburn, S1 Beyene helped raise funds for the Victoria General Hospital Children’s Life Department during the 2022 Dave Barber Memorial golf tournament. Ahead of the winter holidays, he and Regina’s crew members donated $3,600 worth of presents and gift cards at the pediatric ward.

S1 Beyene chalks up his success at organizing the tournament and the recognition to having strong people skills.

“It truly is an important skill, because nothing in the RCN can be achieved with individuality,” he said. “You need to have people skills to connect with others and collaborate, and I don’t really think I could have completed any of these tasks without other people pitching in and going that extra mile to assist me as well.”

For winning the award, S1 Beyene was presented with a certificate, a Sailor of the Quarter coin, and a parking spot at MARPAC HQ. S1 Beyene noted that since he rides his bicycle to work all year long, he is working on a plan to donate the parking spot to charity.

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