NEP Sailors visit the Asterix

MS Tamera-Lee Hobbs, 
Naval Experience Programme 


During the week onboard Motor Vessel (MV) Asterix, the Naval Experience Programme Sailors gained many new experiences.

The sailors were immersed in a variety of activities unique to the MV Asterix. From small arms shoots to tours and exercises, the ship’s diverse offerings provided a dynamic environment that bridges the gap between military and civilian operations, a stark contrast to the frigate experience.

Under the guidance of the Bosuns, the sailors were exposed to the intricacies of a Replenishment at Sea (RAS). They observed an RAS layout early in the week, followed by multiple RAS approaches where they witnessed the passing of the distance line and emergency breakaways in action, providing them with practical insights into these operations.

The small arms shots enabled the sailors to gain experience on the C8, with the Bosuns demonstrating and ensuring understanding of the TOETs and what it is like to fire the .50 Cal. The early demonstrations taught the sailors the weapons they would be firing and the safety involved.

Multiple tours were conducted with different departments onboard. Sailors saw the Medical and Dental areas, the Small Arms Magazine with an explanation of Mag Yeoman’s duties from the PO1 WEng Tech onboard, and the engine room and other work areas the engineers are responsible for.

Throughout the week, multiple educational and enjoyable evolutions brought great opportunities for the sailors to experience life onboard MV Asterix.
Royal Canadian Navy members run members of the NEP through a .50 Cal familiarity shoot.

Royal Canadian Navy members run members of the NEP through a .50 Cal familiarity shoot.

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