HMCS Winnipeg rolls out red carpet for immersive experience

Sailor Second Class Zachary Thompson (centre) talking to Naval Reserves recruiters.

Sailor Second Class Zachary Thompson (centre) talking to Naval Reserves recruiters.

PO2 Lucien Pelletier, 
HMCS Winnipeg, UPAR 

HMCS Winnipeg has opened its decks to Canadian Naval Reserve (NAVRES) personnel in a strategic move to bolster recruitment efforts.

On Feb. 8, NAVRES personnel, tasked with informing possible recruits about naval service opportunities, boarded HMCS Winnipeg for a guided tour. The initiative aims to provide recruiters with firsthand experience and a deeper understanding of the Canadian Navy’s operations, enabling them to better inform potential recruits about the unique aspects of naval service.

The NAVRES recruiters explored the intricacies of naval vessels, gaining insights into the advanced technologies, teamwork, and daily life aboard Canadian warships. Acting Sub-Lieutenant (A/SLt) Brent Martindale, overseeing the tours, emphasized the importance of arming recruiters with accurate and compelling information.

“This initiative ensures our recruiters can confidently convey the challenges and rewards of naval service, painting a vivid picture of life in the Canadian Navy,” A/SLt Martindale said.

The immersive experience not only strengthens the connection between recruiters and potential recruits but also underscores the commitment of the Canadian Navy to fostering a well-informed and capable reserve force.

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